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Sweet Tea and Lemon Mask Review

As I mentioned in this article, I never was a huge user of face masks or scrubs. I’ve heard a ton of things about how relaxing and cleansing they are, and I just didn’t feel that from the one I tried, so I figured that I’d try again with Freeman Beauty’s Sweet Tea and Lemon Pull-Off Mask.

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The color of this one, as pointed out by a friend, looked much more like mustard. But I think I prefer that to the black of the charcoal one – it looks less weird when you wear it. Like the other one, I was still confused on how thin of a layer to apply and how to get the mask even. The drying process was a lot more merciful. It felt kind of like liquid latex. (I couldn’t find latex in the ingredient, but you can check for yourself if you’re allergic, just in case.) I also thought that the peeling off process was more fun than having to scrub your face clean for a while. I do recommend waiting a little longer than the recommended time of 10-15 minutes to make sure that the entire thing dries because it’s just as messy and annoying if it doesn’t dry.

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I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t feel super relaxed or any cleaner after using the mask. It didn’t even make my face feel as soft as the charcoal one did. But, again, maybe it’s one of those things that have to be used repeatedly to see any effects. The one good thing is that it wasn’t as difficult to get out of hair as it made it seem in the directions. I’ve heard people swear by face masks, but, honestly, I just don’t see the point except in special circumstances.

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