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Spring Fashion Trends for 2017

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

Now that the snow has finally melted, it is time to swap out those bulky sweaters for your spring wardrobe! Here are some great pieces to keep in your dorm room to look trendy while walking across campus to class.

1. Color Tinted Sunglasses

If you shop now, you can find tons of different color tinted sunglasses just like these from Nasty Gal!



2. Loafers

Loafers are my favorite trend from the fall/winter that can be carried over into the spring. Pair with a cropped pant and your look will be good to go!



3. Denim

Denim everything!! Pair denim with denim or just put on one stand-out denim piece and you’ll be all set. Try an oversized jean jacket, bellbottoms, or a cute embroidered pair of jeans like the items pictured below!





4. A Cool Graphic T-shirt

Grab your favorite grungy band tee or a strong, feminism-inspired graphic t-shirt. Pair it with a cute denim skirt and you’ll be instantly comfortable and cute for class.



5. Bold Colors

Find bright colored clothes or accessories! Leave them to stand on their own, or if you’re more committed to the trend, pair multiple bright colors together.  Stand out!



Follow these five trends and you’ll end the spring semester in chic style! For even better results, mix and match these trends together. But no matter how you wear them, people will be envying your stylishness.

I am currently a senior at Gettysburg College!  I am an English major with a Wrting concentration and Women Gender Studies minor.