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Review: L’eggs Tights

I have worn too many pairs of tights in my life to count, many of which have been from L’eggs. I think tights and stockings are a classic staple that every woman, regardless of age and personal, taste can apply to her wardrobe. The illusion of a seamless line is flattering for all body types. If you have never been an aficionado for tights, I suggest trying a black pair with your favorite dress/skirt and boots. Black is a neutral color that will pair well with all colors and can carry you easily into the colder months. Some people do not like how tights and stockings have the ability to suck every inch of your body in and cling to your body, but advice from any dancer like myself will say you get used to the feeling, and the tights will eventually feel like a second layer of skin. Take it from Duchess Kate: tights simply create a pulled together, seamless look. They will elevate your outfit to potentially be more professional and mature. Tights really are never going to go out of style, and L’eggs is American classic.

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If you are expecting the tights to last forever, I would like you to know nylon, in general, is not a resilient textile. If you are like me, you can get a few wears and washes out of them before you pull a major run in your tights. But don’t sweat it if you get a run in your tights before an event, there are many hacks to cure your needs. L’eggs tights are a simple way to upgrade your style by still staying in budget.

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Erica M. Schaumberg is an Art History major and Studio Art minor from Gettysburg College class of 2018. You can normally find Erica biking around the battle field with her camera, practicing some pirouettes, and spending a lot of time in Schmucker, when she is not studying in her secret spot with a cup of coffee.
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