Rebecca Holden Is Golden

Class Year: 2019

Major/minor: Undeclared major, Music minor

Hometown: Vero Beach, FL

Activities: Choir, Garthwait Leadership Center Leadership Certificate Program

Q & A

If you could learn to play any instrument, what would it be?: I sing and play viola, but I would also like to learn to play the piano better.

If you could travel back in time, what is the number one place you would want to go?: Apollo 11 moon landing or the opening of Disney World (Magic Kingdom)

Rock or pop?: pop

Favorite show to binge-watch on Netflix: The West Wing

Celebrity Crush(es): Richard Madden, Sam Hunt, Kit Harrington, Lily James (Girl Crush)

Favorite Disney Princess: Cinderella

Where do you want to study abroad? England

Favorite thing about Gettysburg: blueberry bagels from Bullet