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My 5 Favorite Female Authors

Without trying to, all of my favorite authors ended up being women. Here are my top 5 amazing writers!

  1. 1. Leigh Bardugo

    Leigh Bardugo is the amazing author of the Grishaverse series and Ninth House. Her books are all diverse, gripping, and unique!

  2. 2. Marissa Meyer

    Marissa Meyer made her mark on the fantasy world with her series, The Lunar Chronicles, which is a retelling of fairytales in a science fiction world. I didn't think she could do any better than this series, but she proved me wrong with her trilogy, Renegades. I have yet to read a book by her that I didn't like.

  3. 3. JK Rowling

    Opinions on The Cursed Child aside, JK Rowling created the world of Harry Potter, changing fantasy and young adult fiction forever.

  4. 4. RF Kuang

    RF Kuang is fairly new to the world of writing. Her first novel, The Poppy Wars, is a fantasy world based on Asian culture and society. It's grim, fascinating, and impossible to put down. 

  5. 5. Kiersten White

    Keirsten White is another amazing author who takes traditional stories and fairytales and retells them in a much more interesting way. She turns female characters into powerful and important members of the narrative.