Lush from the Point of View of an Unfeminine Female

Feminine is not something that people who know me, or even just people who see me on the street, would associate with me. I have more T-shirts than blouses. And barely any of them are fitted. I get lost in conversations about moistratization and vegan products and exfoliation. The little makeup I do have is from Wal-Mart and is used only in occasion that I want to make my facial structure look different for a costume I’m wearing. Still, my first experience at Lush was an enjoyable one.

I went with a couple of friends who are well versed both in the feminine word and the one of Lush. But despite having come in with experienced people, I was surprised that the employees didn’t just leave us to our shopping. The woman who helped us was wonderfully nice. And she asked the best questions. She had pointed questions for my friends about new products and letting them know that about products that had just become available again. Then she asked me not about what I knew but about what kind of stuff I was looking for or liked. There was a lot of information, but she wasn’t pushy.

Image via Life with Lila

There were a lot of opportunities to push me into buying something, but instead she just answered questions and tried to steer me to things she thought I would like. This was nice because it meant that while I like soaps and scents I wasn’t bogged down by a bunch of beauty products that I wasn’t interested in.

I was quite surprised, though, at the amount of care products they had. There was a lot less fancy makeup than I expected and a lot more personal relaxation and skin care products. And I was never made to feel stupid for not knowing what something was.

Image via Bustle

Which leads me nicely to another great thing about the store. You can try basically anything. This is what made the experiences a great one instead of a fine one. Sure it was weird hearing about the lip sugar scrub, but it was fun when I tried it. And I was able to actually test out the products. When the lip balm and scent spray I tested was still noticeable four or five hours after I left that’s when I knew that these products were good. And it wasn’t just the small stuff that you could sample. There were little bowls of water placed around the room for trying out soaps and bath bombs. I thought that this was definitely a highlight because it tells you that these people aren’t afraid to let you know what you’re buying.

Image via Yelp

But the high quality comes with a price. Literally. Everything was so expensive that it was difficult to actually imagine buying anything. I remember having to tell my friend to talk me out of buying one of their body sprays because I absolutely loved the smell but wasn’t in the position where I should be spending $30 for some body spray. Like I said all of these products are quality and will probably last you quite a while, but they aren’t an easy buy. I did end up buying some Christmas presents, though. They had a few cheaper sampler sets of products that were already packed nicely and professionally.

Image via Fashion Oyster

All in all, I found this to be a very personal experience. Everything from the giant chunks of soap where you can watch them cut off the amount you’d like to buy to the respectful and helpful salespersons and the free testers is what made this experience a good one. I definitely wouldn’t have had the same experience just shopping online or browsing the products with no one else there. So, whether you’re the girliest girl or the biggest tomboy around, you might want to walk in next time you pass by Lush.