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Now, if you know me, I’m a bit of a lipstick freak. I have a growing collection with all kinds of lipsticks and lip glosses. Here’s the family.

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And if you know me, you also know that I’m a political person. Hell, I broke up with someone over ideological differences. I wear my political heart on my sleeve. So when I saw that Lipslut had come out with a new shade back around the Kavanaugh hearings, I knew I had to buy one.

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First of all, the color was much more dark, blood red than I expected. When I posted a picture of the swatch, one of my friends messaged me asking if I meant it to look like a cut. I took that post down, but the effect was repeated across the day. All in all, this was a plus for me since I’d been looking for a blood red shade of lipstick for years!

As the description says, it is a matte liquid lipstick and I was surprised by how thin the formula was when I started to apply it. It dried somewhat slower than other liquid lipsticks I’ve used, though I found that taking a quick dab to it didn’t damage the makeup and dried my lips out.

Something I did find was that it felt very light on my face and I could barely notice it was there. It didn’t really smear around my face as well, though it did start to flake off after about four hours and two meals. Overall, moderately durable. I think that as long as you’re just having drinks or otherwise having things you can have in bite sized pieces, you’ll be fine. This is not a lipstick for eating burgers in, so stick to fork foods.

It lasted about six hours before flaking really intensified and even brushing my hand against it put it on the back of my hand. Flakes were also hard to remove from my hands without washing them.

Verdict: Welcome to the family!

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If you’d like to purchase one, every sale helps send money to a charity that helps women through sexual assault cases! The main cause is voted on by the buyers, so every sale is an opportunity to vote!

Check out their website here!


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