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Le Motto – ActuallySheCan Tank Review

ActuallySheCan is a community with a focus on guiding, empowering, and encouraging women to pursue lives that choose. The #ActuallySheCan tank tops from Le Motto definitely convey this message. The shirts we received come with three different mottos: "less hesitation more meditation," "less drama more karma," and "less regret more sweat." Each motto is a small nod to the little choices we make that can have a great difference.

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But not only are these shirts inspirational, but they’re also amazingly comfy. The shirts are so soft that it’s difficult to accurately describe. It feels as light and soft as you would imagine clouds feeling as a kid. The best part? They stay that way after washing! The shirt I wore didn’t shrink after the first wash, and there was no sign of peeling on the graphics. The only problem I have with the design is that the armholes are a little large for personal comfort. After a bit of movement, the shirt can shift to start revealing quite a bit of side boob. So, for people like me who aren’t as comfortable with that, I recommend a layered look or pairing the shirt with some pajama pants for sleeping.

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