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Kyra Pfeiffer is Brighter

Name: Kyra Pfeiffer.

Hometown: Taylor, Pennsylvania

Major: English with a concentration in writing. Maybe International Affairs. And a Political Science minor.

Position in Her Campus: Writing staff and junior editor

Image via Kyra Pfeiffer

Activities: Her Campus, off and on with the Gettysburgian, Investment club every once and awhile. Off campus I write for the Gettysburg times.

Hogwarts House: I’ve never read Harry Potter. But Hufflepuff.

Favorite animal: Turtle

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite thing to write about: Human rights issues

Favorite author: Sojourner Truth

Favorite study spot on campus: 4th floor of Glatfelter

How’d you get involved with Her Campus? I saw it on the Class of 2021 Facebook page and thought this sounds like fun.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Gettysburg? Honestly, I just want to get some really good internships. I feel like there’s so much opportunity here and I want to take advantage of it.

If you were a cupcake flavor, what would you be? Something wild but good, like Pina Colada.

What’s your favorite article you’ve written for Her Campus? I wrote one on my first year seminar. It was probably the most fun to write as well as the most informative.

Cover Image via Kyra Pfeiffer

Zoe Philippou

Gettysburg '20

(she/her) From Arizona, Zoe is officially a Psychology and Anthropology double major, a German minor, and an unofficial a Theater inhabitor. She loves all thing having to do with culture or really just people in general. She's also a huge nerd who loves crafts.
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