The Kingkiller Chronicles Soon to be on TV

Image via The Tracking Board

For fans of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicles, I’ve got some great news! It was a few years ago when Rothfuss first announced that there would be a TV adaptation of his work, and now we have some new information.

It’s been reported that Showtime will be developing the adaptation, and the series will be produced by Lionsgate with Lin-Manuel Miranda as an executive producer. Miranda will also be composing the music for the series.

As a fan of the both Rothfuss’ and Miranda’s work, this news is extremely exciting. One of the main themes of The Kingkiller Chronicles is words and the meaning behind them – specifically names. In a story that is so centered on the telling of stories and the finding of the perfect name, I can think of no one better to convey this message than Miranda.

Now, it does seem like the plot is going to be a little different. The source article explains that this series will be set in Rothfuss’ world but a generation before the events in the first book, The Name of the Wind. It’s been further explained that the series will be following a pair of traveling performers. From this information, it sounds like the story will most likely be that of the parents of Rothfuss’ main character, Kvothe.Image via TeePublic

While we got to see a bit of these people in The Name of the Wind and have heard stories about them throughout Rothfuss’ work, it will be exciting to learn more. Indeed, not to give away too many spoilers for those who have not read the series yet, there have been a few mysteries that have popped up surrounding Kvothe’s parents that hint for a truly interesting story.

Miranda has said, “Pat Rothfuss’ Kingkiller series is some of the most exciting storytelling I have ever read. I could not be more thrilled to help bring the sights and sounds of his wondrous world of Temerant to the screen.”

Fans have a lot to look forward to with this series on its way, but that’s not all! It has also been announced that there will be a movie and interactive video games in addition to the series. Fans should be busy for a while with everything coming out of this wonder filled series – including, eventually, a third book! Hopefully.


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