Keeping Up with the Joneses: Danielle Jones, That Is

Full Name:  Danielle Jones

Year: 2018

Major/minors: Violence in Memory and History major with Public History and Peace & Justice Studies minors

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Activities:  Sigma Sigma Sigma, DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship, Honor Commission, singing in the shower, spouting fun facts, thinking I’m good at match making

Astrological Sign: Leo

Relationship Status: Living proof that right person, wrong time exists - my boyfriend Alex and I dated freshman year and broke up, but are back together again





Q & A

What is your favorite thing about being a Tri Sigma sister? Everything! But actually, I love the sisterhood I’ve found with this exceptional group of ladies. From the moment I joined (admittedly way after formal recruitment) they have all been so friendly and willing to get to know me. We all come from different backgrounds and are doing different things on campus, yet we get along so well. I know I can rely on any sister for any problem I have. They’re the greatest support system I could’ve asked for and I never have and never will regret joining.

Which TV/movie character is your spirit animal? Abigail Brown from National Treasure. I actually want to be her #LifeGoals

What is the number one song on your workout playlist?  LOLOLOLOL. I don’t work out. However, my number one pants off dance off song is Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Suede - throwback, I know.

What is your favorite Gettysburg College memory? My favorite college memory is more of a collage of memories. Snowball and Tri Sigma’s fall and spring formals this year were so much fun; I love putting on dresses and dancing like a fool, plus being able to bond with my sisters and friends proved to be the best times I’ve had at Gettysburg so far.

If you could go back in time to any era and place, where would go? Well I would go back to the 1940’s/1950’s solely because I love the fashion of those eras, but as far as place I’d just want to endlessly travel Europe and explore all the old historical buildings

If you could invent anything, what would it be? A rewind button. Everyone has their moments where they say or do something that follows them for the rest of their lives that they wish they could take back. I’d invent a button to fix that because I could write a book about embarrassing moments.