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Juls is one of the best bosses anyone could imagine!

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Juls Bueher.


My family moved around a lot. I kinda considered myself to have home states.There’s a trifecta of Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Relationship Status?


What activities are you involved in?

 I’m the mother of two small children who i often chase around, so there’s a lot of child wrangling. It’s a big part of my day. I run the costume shop. And I paint scenery in the Theater department. And, in my spare time, I do fine art painting and a little bit of writing.

Hogwarts house?

I have never taken the quiz!

What house do you think that you would be?

Well, I really want to be in Hufflepuff, but I think it’s just because I want to say “Hufflepuff.” I don’t actually know what the qualities of a Hufflepuff are.

I don’t know. you do seem pretty Hufflepuffy.

We’ll go with Hufflepuff!

What’s your favorite animal?

I don’t know. I guess I don’t think about them all that much. I like cats as pets.

What’s your favorite season?

I like them all, but I do particularly like fall because you have like three months in a row with big holidays at the end. Tt’s pretty fun.

What’s your favorite place in Gettysburg to relax?

The Apalachian Brewing Company Beer Garden on Steinwehr Avenue. It’s close to my house. Kinds can run around. We can sit and talk and have a beer.

What is your dream show to design costumes for?

I would love to just, like, re-create all of Lord of the Rings. But I know the Lord of the Rings musical didn’t get great reviews, so I’m never gonna suggest that.

If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend, what you use it on?

Probably fixing global warming. I’m pretty concerned about the planet. It keeps me up at night.

What’s your favorite experience you’ve had at Gettysburg?

Probably the Tweed Ramble. Professor Ian Isherwood organizes it. Everybody dresses in tweed and we walk on the battlefield and we ramble.

If you could have lunch with anyone from history or present, who would it be?

You know, somebody asked me that the other day. I think Queen Elizabeth the First. I’m just fascinated by her story, and, like, what the effects of her father’s reign must have had on her psyche and her ideas on monarchy.

If you were an ice cream flavor, which flavor would you be?

Um, I’m gonna say the Traverse City Cherry from Kilwins because it’s delicious and it’s real. It’s got real cherries in it. I dunno. it’s my favorite ice cream.

For More information about her work, check out her website: http://julsbuehrer.sites.gettysburg.edu

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