Is it Smooth? A Review of EOS

The Tropical Mango Eos is, apparently, the “most coveted flavor of the summer.” And it’s clear why.

The scent itself is very true to the name. If I had to describe it, I’d say it smells like sunscreen and mango. But you smell the mango first.  I do think that they could have been a bit more clever with the “tropical” part of the smell. But, overall, it’s not bad. And, personally, I appreciate that you can still smell the lip balm once it’s applied. After all, what’s the point of getting a nice scent is you don’t get to smell it?

Image via Author

It was also nice how quickly the balm dries. It still feels moisturizing, but it doesn’t feel like it just sits on your lips until it gets rubbed off. This is a definite plus.

But there’s also a few things that I found annoying. First off, the shape makes it a bit difficult to apply, especially if you plan to use the lip balm a lot. If you keep using it then it gets worn down. So you have to keep changing the way you apply it.

Image via Polish Hound

And, in comparison to the twist designs of other lip balms, it feels wasteful. When you reach the end of the balm there’s still some left stuck under this star shaped piece of plastic (pictured above). This makes it feel like you waste more balm when you’re “finished.”

Then again, there’s a ton of cute DIYs with the empty canister.

Image via YouTube

So if that’s your kind of thing then this probably a great balm for you!