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I am a Tri Sigma, and I love all of my sisters.  I love how friendly they are, how much they care, and how much they support me.  I also love how even though we may not all know each other, Tri Sigma’s across the nation are there for each other.  During the first week of November, a Sigma from Slippery Rock University was sexually assaulted.  Her attacker had a hearing for another girl he was accused of assaulting and then the next day had another one for her.  He got off scot-free on both accounts.  

The VP of New Member Education from Tri Sigma’s Gamma Zeta chapter at Slippery Rock put out a statement explaining the above and then asking for Sigma’s across the nation to post using #SigmaStrong and #IStandWithMySister, and Sigmas across the nation have responded.  I would like to join them, but I would like to speak directly to Slippery Rock University.

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Sexual assault should never be overlooked, but colleges across the nation do that every day.  For most victims of sexual assault, justice is never found.  However, I am in total shock every time I find out about yet one more case of sexual assault where the perpetrator is let off without a punishment.  I know that at this point where it has become normal I should no longer be shocked, but I can’t help but to always hope that something changes.

I have to say, though, I am finding myself to be even more shocked this time due to the fact that the perpetrator had a hearing about him committing sexual assault two days in a row, and yet still ended up coming out of it scot-free.  He will be returning to the university as if nothing ever happened, and I feel disgusted.

How can a university allow a man who sexually assaulted two women to continue on at their school as if it never happened?  These girls will now have to walk around campus every day knowing that their school did nothing to help them.  These girls lives are forever changed, unlike their attacker who just gets to go on.  

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So, Slippery Rock University, I have a few questions for you.  How are you able to look into the eyes of high school girls, and tell them they should go to your school?  How are you able to continue to take tuition money from sexual assaulters as if it’s just tuition from any other student?  How are you able to allow sexual assaulters to walk around campus, where they will be able to easily find another victim?  How can you say that part of your mission is to empower people when you are doing the exact opposite?

I am disgusted with Slippery Rock University, with the perpetrator, and with the fact that this case is not the only one of its type.  I know that Sigmas and other Greek members across the country are disgusted as well, and I hope that anyone reading this will agree.  #IStandWithMySister, because like her, I am #SigmaStrong.  If you agree that you stand with us, and with all victims of sexual assault, please share this article with people around you, contact the President of Slippery Rock University, Dr. Cheryl Norton, and work with your own school to try and put in place better ways to deal with sexual assault.

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My name is Erica Boucher and I am part of Gettysburg College Class of 2019. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter (and am a total Ravenclaw). I'm the Profile Editor here at HerCampus Gettysburg along with a writer. I love the color blue, singing/dancing to music in my dorm room, and wearing funky socks.
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