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Inspirational Quotes You Need to Hear as the End of the Semester Approaches

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

I love quotes! Sometimes you just need a good one to get a new perspective, especially when you are stressed or nervous about something. I am a first-year, and I have to admit, this whole finals week thing is very scary. I like quotes because they remind me to just calm down and be in the moment, even when there is a lot going on. These quotes live in my Notes app and have accumulated a lot over the years. I can’t always remember where they are from or why I wrote them down, but looking back on the collection is something I like to do from time to time. Here are three quotes that I think are really nice to remember when I am feeling anxious about school.

“Your current situation is not your final destination”

Not only does this quote kind of rhyme, but it has such a great message! I love this one because it reminds me that even if I don’t get the most fabulous grade or feel really stressed, there is a reason why I am in these classes and they are helping me pursue a career. This finals season is only a small part of what is to come in the future.

“diamonds are made under pressure”

As a major procrastinator, this quote always makes me feel better. There is a lot of pressure that comes with the end of the semester, but it helps us grow a lot, even if it is overwhelming. Did you know that it takes between 1 and 3 billion years for diamonds to form? Well, pretend each of those years is an assignment, because it probably feels like there are a billion of those looming. They are each a step in becoming the diamond you want to be.

“find joy in the journey”

I wanted to save this one for last because I think it is such a great mindset to have. Classes are important, of course, but I also want to soak up all the experiences that make college so great. It is such a bittersweet feeling now that the semester is over. Living in the moment is something that I try to do even though it can be difficult sometimes, especially at this point in the year when I definitely have mixed feelings about going home for winter break. I am really going to miss it, so I want to cherish every minute that I’m here, as much as finals make it seem like I won’t.

We are on the homestretch! I would like to wish everyone a happy end of the semester, and just remember that your grades don’t define you. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, and I hope that at least one of these quotes resonates with you in some way!

Ainsley Green

Gettysburg '27

Ainsley is a new member of the Gettysburg College Her Campus chapter, and is a staff writer. She hopes to write about lifestyle, college tips, music recommendations, and life at Gettysburg. Ainsley is a first-year at Gettysburg College and is currently an undeclared major. She has interest in an English with Writing Concentration or Psychology major, and also plans on pursuing a music minor in piano performance. She is a Lincoln Scholar, and has enjoyed getting involved in other clubs on campus, including publishing articles for "The Gettysburgian." In her free time, Ainsley loves to read, write, play piano, spend time with her family and friends, and be outside. She loves everything about music, a good conversation about a book or movie, and her two cats, Freya and Fen.