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Innisfree Face Masks: Does it Really Work?

Innisfree is a Korean beauty company that sells a multitude of sheet masks. The amount of variety and purposes behind each mask is suprising and can be browsed on their website. Today, we tried their Green Tea My Real Squeeze Mask. 

Image via Makeup and Beauty

Right out of the box, this mask was a but strange compared to my prior experiences with face masks. The mask comes folded over on itself a few times. In addition, the mask itself feels slippery and soapy above anything else. It was a little difficult to unfold, but not horrible. Compared to cream masks, the sheet mask is a little easier to initially apply, but it’s tougher to keep it in place. There were a few times that I had to pat it back into place along the edges, though it stayed nicely on larger expanses of skin like my cheeks and nose. 

I will admit that I was let down by the scent of the mask. I love green tea, but honestly the ask smelled a little soapy at first then almost like nothing. Any scent that was there was quite subtle. 

Image via innisfree

The wait time was pretty regular and, as per usually with face masks, is a great excuse to take a few minutes for yourself. The part I didn’t like as much was actually taking the mask off. The instructions say to “gently pat [your face] for further absorption,” after removing the mask. I see how this makes sense in theory, but in practice my face was still covered generously in the gel. I was able to get it to absorb not by patting it but by letting it sit there and dry up. It left my face feeling more oily than it began.

Overall, the effect is nice while you’re wearing the mask, but this mask did not leave my face feeling refreshed or clean. 

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