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I Wore Bright Teal Lipstick For a Day to See How People Would React

Hi, I’m Jules and I’m vaguely obsessed with lipstick.  

A small sampling

Despite my obsession, I stick to pretty “normal” colours.  

Red is my go-to.  Taylor Swift would be proud! 

Image via Vogue

But when I saw this shade while picking up groceries, I had to have it.  

“You’ll never wear it,” said my brain.  

“But it’s your favourite colour!” I replied. 

I won that battle with the logic of “You know what, this would make a great Her Campus article.  

I decided to wear the lipstick on Thursday, my busiest day of the week, to get the most reaction-time for article purposes.  I paired it with a black sweater and jeans to keep everything else simple, then added some peacock feather earrings for bonus Aria Montgomery flair.  

I was far from comfortable with the bold lip colour, but I was feeling pretty confident nevertheless.  One of those I could totally work for Cosmo moments.  I even forgot about it a few times, which was a big accomplishment itself.  

I snapchatted my mom and my fifteen-year-old sister.  Mom was mortified I’d left my apartment.  My sister was super excited that I was branching out.  

Mixed reviews were the theme of the day, really.  A girl stopped me after class:  “I’m really digging your lip colour!”  I got a few looks in the dining hall, but they were more surprise and, dare I say, appreciation, than the shock and repulsion I half-anticipated.

The self-consciousness had returned as I sat in the history department’s lobby to get some work done.  I saw a few people I knew well enough that they knew this was for an article.  I saw a few more acquaintances who gave me a look something like this: 


The best exchange of the day went to one of my former history professors.  She caught on to the unusual fashion choice right away (it’s pretty darn obvious) and I explained my motivations.  

“I feel like I’ve been eating a lollipop or something.”  

“It’s like when my kids get slurpees at 7-Eleven.” 

Yes, yes it is.  

I finished up the day by taking my cat to the vet.  Strange looks? Check.  The vet complimented my earrings, but no more explicit insight on the lipstick.  Remind me to go for a more natural look for his next appointment.  

Overall, the Teal Lip Experiment of 2018 went better than expected. Will I do it again?  Probably not.  Maybe for a special occasion, where a bold choice is less drastic.  But, I didn’t hate it.  I consider that a success!

Juliette Sebock, Founder: Jules founded the Gettysburg College chapter of Her Campus in Fall 2015 and served as Campus Correspondent until graduating in Spring 2018. Juliette graduated from Gettysburg College in 2018 with an English major and History/Civil War Era Studies/Public History triple minors. In addition to HC, she was a member of the Spring 2017 class of Advanced Studies in England and of various organizations including Eta Sigma Phi, Dance Ensemble, and Poetry Circle. She has published a poetry chapbook titled Mistakes Were Made, available on Amazon and Goodreads, and she has poems forthcoming in several literary magazines. She is also the editor-in-chief of Nightingale & Sparrow Magazine and runs the lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste. For more information, visit https://juliettesebock.com.
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