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I Asked Three Psychics Why I’m Attached To My Best Friend

Have you ever had a relationship that clicked so well it’s almost scary? That despite all your palpable differences, you somehow still found yourself next to them? Well, that is me and my best friend Aleanie. 

    I still remember the day I met her. It was the first day of seventh grade in art class. I was seated in between two popular boys that scared me. Not because they were attractive but because, one wrong move, and I would be a laughing stock. I looked across from me to see her. She had long black hair parted down the middle and these huge brown eyes. All I wanted was for her to speak to me, and save me from the situation the seating chart had placed me in. Her mouth would stay closed for a couple of weeks. Until she would start to pick me up in the mornings before school and spend all afternoon on the swing chair in my backyard.

    She is my best friend. The first one I ever had. I was excited to see us grow up together. Then she announced her cross-country move to Washington. In that moment I felt our friendship slip through my fingers. I couldn’t even keep friendships with people who lived two blocks down from me, much less across the country.

                                                                                               She left, and I stayed, static. 

    With everything that pushed us apart (distance, interests, opinions) we remained close. It flummoxed us. Why do I love this person so much? We joked we were married or siblings in a past life. The joke quickly turned into something we truly believed.  So we decided to become Nancy Drews and investigate the depths of our relationship. Where is the first place you got to when you need answers? Reddit, of course! So we hit r/psychic, messaged three people are here is that they said: 

    Our first reading told us we have lived three previous lives. Only one lived together as husband and wife. As for the other two we lived in the same lifetime but never together. One common theme was that I always seemed riddled with anxiety, which is great to hear. They concluded, “Your souls literally missed each other in your previous lives, so they really want to connect and grow together in this one. They don’t want to lose each other ever again.” Which is quite beautiful to me. This marriage must have been extremely loving, as we waited two lives to find each other again. 

    The second reader used tarot. Our three cards were: temperance, two of wands, ten of wands. They also sensed a fire and air energy, which is relevant since Lea is a fire sign, and my astrological chart is mainly air. She spoke about the importance of maturity in a person, to be able to have a past life and she was this in both of us. Adding that either of us could be empaths, meaning someone who can sense what the people around them are thinking or feeling. The maturity she saw in us allowed her to conclude that we have had a past life together, but wasn’t able to give us any specifics on what that life was like. 

    Our last reading told us that we worked together in a wealthy house. We seemed to be servants who had no special connection to one another. Though we spent this life together, I seemed to spend all my time with a donkey who I took care of.  This one seemed the least legit, as we felt no real connection to it. 

     We heard the answers we wanted. That in another life that we were together, but it doesn’t change our current state. Long distance and COVID have taught me that virtual interaction is not enough. But I’m still grateful to have this life with her no matter the circumstances. 

Maya Bisram

Gettysburg '24

Maya is a first year Gettysburg students. She is an intern at Gettysburg Connection, a local news site. She is an Art Editor for the college's art magazine, "Mercury". She enjoys readings, design, and film.
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