Hydration with Bliss

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

The Bliss drench & quench cream to water hydrator we received as part of the Bliss x Her Campus partnership comes in a pretty small container (larger ones can be purchased on their website), but it lasts. Honestly, it’s pretty nice because you don’t need very much of it to get the job done. Do you see how much is on my finger?

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That’s enough to moisturize both hands. All you need is a little dab to get good results.

It does really have to get rubbed in really well, though. It doesn’t take long to get fully absorbed, but, especially at first, the cream feels very oily. Even for a while after the cream has been rubbed it, it still feels oily in some of the crevasses of the skin.

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Still, I cannot deny the hydration. When I first got this cream, I had a head cold, which means a lot of tissues and a pretty dry nose. A small dab of this stuff a few times through the day and my nose felt much better. I will say that it did sting for a little while when applied despite being advertised as a face cream. It didn’t sting when I applied it to my hands, though.

Honestly, the only real complaint I can think of is that the container has a tendency to get oily on the outside even when securely closed.

As for the scent. It was very mild. My first instinct is to say it smells like lotion. More specifically, I kinda want to say that “clean laundry” smell.

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