Hannah Glick Is One Cool Chick

Year: 2017

Major/minor: Music

Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Activities: Upscale Musical Director, DTO Mom, College Choir, Camerata, Sigma Alpha Iota


Q & A

What is your favorite genre of music to sing? Favorite song that you have performed at Gettysburg College (either in an ensemble or solo)?: My favorite genre of music to sing is probably opera, but recreationally I love jazz and country too.

My favorite song that I've sung here was “Soneto de la Noche” with the Gettysburg College Choir.


Coke or Pepsi?: Always Coke.


If you could switch bodies with any former (or current) U.S. President for a day, who would it be?: After living here, I'd love to be Abraham Lincoln.


 What is your favorite flavor of Servo cookie?: Probably Oreo.


What would be your dream role in a musical/opera?: Christine from Phantom of the Opera if I had to do a musical but right now my dream opera role would be Manon from Jules Massenet's Manon.


Favorite campus eatery: Bullet


What is number 1 on your bucket list?: Very hard to say what number 1 is, but I'll say go on a cross-country road trip.