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Give an Insult with Class

To some people it might be a bit early to start thinking about buying holiday presents for friends and family. The truth is that it’s never too early. And so, we would like to present one such gift to you: Insulting Teacups.

Now, this isn’t a present for just anyone. This should be a gift for someone who you care enough about to get a gift that honestly speaks to their soul. It should also be for a person whom you know well enough to capture perfectly in a few short words. If someone were to look at one of these cups and ask, “WTF. Why?” then this product probably isn’t for them.

Do you have someone in mind? Great! Then let’s go over a few of your options.

1. Wicked Tea Party

Image via Wicked Tea Party

$28.00 + $6.85 shipping

This company provides probably the cheapest teacups that you’ll find, but their product is definitely on par with the others. They have an elegant, simple design to their cups with the message proudly on display. They also offer the most customization. You can choose not only the phrase but also the color and font!

2. Etsy

Image via Etsy

$35.00 + $11.47 (estimated) shipping

Etsy provides quite a bit of variety not just in phrases but in designs. If you aren’t a fan of the style of any of the other companies then you might find something you’ll like here. That being said, seller’s prices and shipping costs can vary widely.

3. Miss Havisham’s Curio

Image via Miss Havisham’s Curio

$60.00 + $20.00 shipping

Miss Havisham’s is definitely the most expensive that we found, but, depending on who you ask, is the original dealer of these insulting cups. And the sheer amount of detail on these cups can’t be matched. The designs are a nice throwback to all your classic flower and bird designs. In addition, having the phrasing on the inside of the rim provides a good sense of agency. The message can be your little secret or a message to the person sitting across from you.

So, this holiday season, take some advice form the creator of Miss Havisham’s Curio herself, Melissa Johnson, “‘If you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out.’ By far, our favorite way to release it is by stewing over a scalding cup of tea.”

Zoe Philippou

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(she/her) From Arizona, Zoe is officially a Psychology and Anthropology double major, a German minor, and an unofficial a Theater inhabitor. She loves all thing having to do with culture or really just people in general. She's also a huge nerd who loves crafts.
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