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To The Girl Who Likes to go Home From College Frequently

You know who you are, you love to go home on the weekends even though you’re a college student.  You understand the appeal of being with friends all weekend at school, but you also don’t understand why people act like you’re crazy for wanting to go home.  You’ve learned to brace yourself for eye rolls when you tell people that you will be going home over the weekend and cannot go to the party, or lecture, or movies, or whatever else they ask you to go to before contemptuously sighing at you. 

You just can’t help it! There’s something so nice about going home to your own bed, your own shower, the ability to walk around barefoot, and the unconditional tail wags of your dogs.  Not to mention laundry and food are free, seriously what don’t people understand about the joys of going home?  Why limit yourself to those niceties over breaks only? It doesn’t make you any less of a college student, even if BuzzFeed labels the “goes home every weekend” person as the 9th most annoying type of college student. 

Don’t be ashamed for going home, but also don’t miss out on meaningful opportunities and encounter at school and feel like you have to go home.  If is actually because of homesickness, reach out because there are so many resourced! But if you just enjoy being at home, too, don’t infer that there is anything wrong with you when people say “we need to fix that!”  Recognize that you may be missing out on a party or late night event, but know that if you’re making the best decision for you, and that’s okay.  You love your home and your family and that’s part of who you are.  It doesn’t mean you don’t love college, because you do, and it doesn’t mean you don’t adore your roommate and friends.  It just means that you aren’t a part of the typical college culture of rarely visiting home.

Darby is a Gettysburg College class of 2020 student who is majoring in psychology and studio art, minoring in neuroscience, and doing a pre-med track.  She enjoys anything related to Disney, shopping, reading, Navy football, art, and music, as well as spending time with her family, friends, and church community. 
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