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Finals Week As Told By Parks and Rec

1.  The feeling of absolutely overwhelming stress

2.  Not getting anywhere near an acceptable amount of sleep

3.  When someone tells you that you know how to study/write that paper/solve that problem

4.  Talking yourself through the pain

5. When dining offers late-night breakfast to get you through an all-nighter

6.  Just a general lack of sleep

7. Breaking for food and then someone stands up and says ‘we better all get back to work’

8.  When you’re absolutely sure you will fail everything

9.  Thinking about what it would mean to just drop out now

10. Right before you have to take the test/ everything is due and being on the verge of a breakdown

11. But then you walk into that room knowing you’ve prepared well

12. And then it’s all over and you’re free

English Education major at Gettysburg College. My friends hate me for correcting their grammar, but I know they secretly appreciate it.
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