College As Told By "Wicked"


Just like entering the hallowed halls and vine-draped walls of Dear Old Shiz, college is a crazy experience.  

You'll learn a lot about yourself:

You have to decide what you're doing forever:  

You may not get the perfect roommate:

You’ll be asked about your life plans way more often than you’d like:

You’ll worry way too much about people’s judgement:

You’ll get a little crazy:

You’ll obviously have some pretty rad dance moves:

You’ll make best friends:  

You’ll meet at least one person with whom you just “click:”

You’ll think you’ve met “the one:”   

But maybe he's not actually that great:  

Two words---  gen eds:   

You won’t always be totally certain about everything:  

And sometimes you’ll hate it all:  

It sometimes seems like you're accomplishing nothing:  

Sometimes you'll nail whatever you're doing:  

And sometimes you'll get in a bit of a slump:  


You'll get frustrated when others fake their way to the top:  

So much so that you want to SCREAM:  

But just keep being yourself:  

Because odds are, no one will be able to bring you down: