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College Equestrian Experiences as Told by Theoden, King of Rohan

Riding in college takes a special sort of person….

Waking up so early for a show that you see people walking back from their night out.

Drawing a horse notorious for bucking, kicking, head-tossing, and the like.

Alternatively, drawing a horse whose description says, “Great ride.”

Having approximately zero extra money.

Walking around campus in your boots and jodhs after a lesson.

There’s one school pony at your barn that simply loathes you…and you have to ride her far more often than you care to.

Doing poorly in your show.

And finally, nailing your class and being congratulated by your teammates.

I wish you good rides and light hands.

English major with a writing concentration, Civil War era studies/Middle East and Islamic studies minor. I'm all about goats and feminism.
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