The Captain Marvel Trailer Dropped and We Are Living For It

Marvel Studios released their first trailer and announced a release date for the new film Captain Marvel less than three hours ago. As of this article, it has gained over 475,000 views and will likely enter the trending list later tonight. They also released the official poster, which you can see below.

Image Via: Collider

The basic premise is that Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers, a woman out of her own time and life who has to deal with life on Earth with a shockingly young Nick Fury and her conflicting memories of a life she never lived. I won't go into detail about the trailer right now, just because you could (and should) watch it for yourself, but it does show that. Brie Larson enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a bang as Carol Danvers has to deal with a world she doesn't recognize post-Infinity War

Alright, in order to start breaking down how much this movie matters to the cinematic universe, we need to go back to Infinity War and the lovely little post-credits scene. If you don't want spoilers, click away now.



Okay, we good?

Alright, so at the end after Thanos did his whole 'Snappity Snap, Universe In Half' trick, half the people and creatures in the universe disappeared. Well, instead of just ending on soul-crushing heartache, they drove the dagger in like Loki couldn't and made us watch as Nick Fury and Maria Hill turned to dust too.

But that wasn't the important part. It was what Nick did right before he ceased to exist: he called someone.

Image Via: Marvel Movies Wikia

Recognize that logo?

He called Captain Marvel!

Which begs the question: why would he call her and why would he be so confident that she survived this and would be able to stop it? I guess we're going to find out! Though frankly, if she can survive falling through a Blockbuster's roof, I think she can do pretty well for herself. Excuse me while I go watch the trailer another twenty times to look for easter eggs...

You can watch the whole tale in theaters on March 8th, 2019.