Being Hand Cream Review

I am one of those people who has extremely dry hands every winter.  So, when I saw that our survival kits included hand cream, you could say that I was excited.  I am always looking for a hand cream that will keep my hands from cracking, while also not being oily and smelling great.  Sadly, the Being by Sanctuary Spa hand cream did not win me over.

Photo by author

We were sent two scents, one was salted caramel, which was a very strong and sweet scent.  It was a bit overpowering, so I decided to go with the second scent, mixed berry.  The lotion smelled amazing, but it was a bit oily when it went on.  Overall, I was decently happy with the lotion as a regular lotion.  

Image via: Giphy

However, the problem came with the fact that my hands are so dry.  This lotion just could not keep up with them, and so did basically nothing in helping me stop the tradition of cracking hands in the winter.  I think that if you don’t have super dry hands, and are just looking for a lotion to add in to your routine to keep your hands soft or just for the smell, then this lotion is for you, but if you are looking for a lotion to help save your winter hands, then I would keep looking.