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Backstage with Laura Brumbaugh

Name: Laura Brumbaugh

Major/Minor: Biology/Anthropology

Activities: I’m currently abroad in Denmark, but when I’m on campus I work in the theater department to help build and paint the sets, I PTA for the German Studies department, and I’m a member of Tri Sigma sorority.

Favorite Color: It really depends on context for me; how different colors look together, how they set themes or send a message, and how they go with their environment. Ironically, as someone who loves colors so much, most of my clothing is black.

Hogwarts house: It depends on what Sorting Hat test I take, but I always end up either a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw.

Favorite TV show: Right now I’m really into the X-Files, but if I have to pick a favorite of all time so far? Probably Psych.



What made you decide to study abroad in Denmark?I decided to study abroad in Denmark because during most of the planning process, I was a double major in Biology and Psychology, and the DIS program in Copenhagen was one of the few which offered courses I could take in both fields. Even though I realized that I wanted to do physical anthropology and not neuroscience, I decided to stick with Copenhagen because I had heard that it was a city in which you easily feel at home. And the fact that the program gave you lots of time to travel around Europe was a benefit too!

What article of clothing do you wear when you want to feel invincible?

When I need to feel invincible, my go to has to be my Doc Martens and my black leather jacket. Cliché, I know, but I go out feeling like anything that comes up against me is going to get its ass kicked!

If you could have any magic power, what would it be and why?

If I could have any magic power, I might have to go with shape-shifting. Do I want to fly today? I’ll be a bird. Do I want to camouflage? I’ll be a chameleon. Do I want to do nothing except lay around in sunbeams and step on people’s textbooks while they’re working to demand attention? I’ll be a cat.

What do you look forward to the most this summer?

Aside from being able to see my friends and family and pets again, what I’m most excited for is the research I’ll be doing this summer. I’ll be working at an archaeological site through the University of Arizona working on a survey of petroglyphs made by pre-agricultural populations who occupied Rock Art Ranch, Arizona. I’ll also be participating in the excavation of a pueblo dating from the 13th century AD on the same site. Living on a ranch and working on a dig isn’t like anything I’ve ever done before, so I’m really excited! Strangely enough, I’m also for some reason excited at the possibility of going back to my job in retail after the dig is over, which makes no sense because retail is awful. Maybe it was the free food I got because it was a cooking store?

What are your feelings about marvel cinematic universe?

Ugh, I have too many. My favorite movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so after I saw it the first time I just got sucked in! Next thing I know I’m going as Black Widow for Halloween and I’m way too emotionally invested in Bucky Barnes. But it makes sense really, since I end up a complete nerd for everything I get into, like paint, and cats, and coffee, especially coffee.

And how do you take your coffee?

I could go on for an hour about all sorts of espresso-based beverages, but if we’re talking regular American coffee? Some half-and-half and two sugars!

Lexi is a Psychology and English with a Writing Concentration double major at Gettysburg College. In her free time, you can find her watching Chopped, writing poems, and eating dry Cheerios out of the box.
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