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An American Abroad: Go The Distance

It is crazy for me to imagine that in almost one month I will be home. This entire experience has been something I will not be able to forget. I do not want to be extremely sentimental, I mean I am not done yet. I still have more to do and more to see. However, this very minute I am watching Hercules, which only seems logical since I’m heading to Greece tomorrow. I guess you could say I have never been more excited in my entire life. I wish I could sound like a normal person and explain something interesting that happened in the past week, but discussing my various presentations and assignments does not seem enticing. I am not quite sure me discussing Doric columns is any better but to each his own.

The one thing that is becoming really nice is the weather, and I say that knowing the East Coast is getting hit with hail and snow and whatever else. I feel strange about discussing the weather, it’s that awkward small talk that possibly never leads to the main course of the discussion. But I have learned that there are cultural differences when it comes to the weather I never knew existed. This week I was walking around and I spotted a woman in a knee-length fur coat. The temperature was about 70 degrees and I was roasting just by looking at her appearance. People walk around with huge jackets on in warm weather and then I am the one to get the weird looks. It’s all very strange to me. When I walk around there is a combination of people wearing these large, puffy coats and then people in sandals. I am not sure how the weather will progress when it comes to the weird looks that I could possibly receive, but I can only assume that it could get better.

Erica M. Schaumberg is an Art History major and Studio Art minor from Gettysburg College class of 2018. You can normally find Erica biking around the battle field with her camera, practicing some pirouettes, and spending a lot of time in Schmucker, when she is not studying in her secret spot with a cup of coffee.
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