Almay Shadow Squad™ Review: "The World is My Oyster"

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

When we received our Spring Break Survival Kits from HC National (thanks, y'all!), I was psyched to see the variety of eyeshadows included from Almay's Shadow Squad™ line.  I turned to our Social Media Manager, Mary Beth, and said "I was just saying I need to get some new eyeshadow!"  She reminded me that I just finished up reviewing this palette.  Never too much eyeshadow (or lipstick!), right?

Image via @hc_gettysburg

After my lipstick experiment earlier in the week, I was excited to try something a bit more natural, so I picked up the neutral "The World Is My Oyster."

Part of the appeal of the Shadow Squad™ shades are the options:  in each palette, you get a matte, a metallic, a satin, and a glitter shadow!  Because they're so similar, it won't clash to use more than one---utilise the colour family to make your shadow your own!  

Because this shade is such a neutral tone, the look options are endless.  I paired it with my go-to red lipstick---the shimmery tones added the perfect touch! 

I went sans glasses for my mini photo shoot so you could get a better idea of the makeup itself.  Even so, it's hard to catch on camera.  

Final verdict? Love it! This shade will be making its way into my regular makeup routine, and I'll definitely be checking out others!  

Get your own Shadow Squad™ here!