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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

Keeping up with Paris Fashion week, I encourage you to check out Golden Women’s Vision Uganda. The woman’s organization began in 2011 as a way to attempt to address many effects of the Ugandan Civil War. The organization seeks to assist Acholi women, in the District of Gulu, who were economically, emotionally, and physical strained by the conflict. Currently the group has over 150 active members who are aspiring to change Uganda’s present history. Golden Women’s Vision Uganda is proudly creating handmade jewelry from beads created by using recycled paper. To the group, the ability to create such beautiful works allows the women to create a positive change in their life and their community.

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, I would definitely consider pieces from their collection. I have already worn the necklace I purchased multiple times and I know I will wear it even more. My piece is anchored with turquoise, recycled-paper beads which is then contrasted by smaller bronze beads; it has paired well with the classic LBD to denim jeans. What I like most about the product is that it truly is one of a kind. It is not one of those cookie-cutter necklaces that one could simply pick up at the sale rack at H&M (not that there is anything wrong with the sale rack at H&M). But if you really want to update your look with versatile pieces that will last for years (and most importantly NOT break the bank) I strongly encourage you to consider pieces from this amazing group of women. In the United States, a new necklace to a woman may not mean as much, but to these strong-willed Acholi women, it means more than we will ever know.

Please contact the Head of Fundraising, Jaclyn Jayo, for more information (jaclynjayo@yahoo.com) and like their Facebook page to read about improvements in their community.


Erica M. Schaumberg is an Art History major and Studio Art minor from Gettysburg College class of 2018. You can normally find Erica biking around the battle field with her camera, practicing some pirouettes, and spending a lot of time in Schmucker, when she is not studying in her secret spot with a cup of coffee.