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Today I woke up to my alarm’s gentle yet panic-inducing ring at seven a.m. Hopefully, I shut it off quickly enough that my roommate wasn’t bothered by it. My first class starts at nine a.m., but I like setting my alarm early in case I want to get breakfast beforehand. Today was not one of those days, so I laid in bed for an hour, mentally preparing for the week ahead. Finally getting out of bed at eight a.m., I got ready for the day and headed out into the cold winter wind.

I power-walked from my room in Colonial to the CUB and picked up an iced caramel latte from Commons to treat myself. I knew it was freezing outside, but somehow iced coffee tastes better than hot coffee lately. Coffee in hand, I walked to Breidenbaugh Hall for my first (and only) class of the day. Every other week I have a Biology Lab, but thankfully this week I am off the hook. Today’s class is Biology 102, Contemporary Topics in Biology: Biological Basis of Disease. While I’m taking it to complete the Gettysburg curriculum, it has been interesting so far, even for someone as bad at science as me. The class went by fine, and before I knew it, the fifty-minute class was up. As I stood to collect my belongings, I picked up my coffee and the cup broke. Two large slits formed on the sides, and to my horror, half of my latte spilled on the floor. Thankfully, some friends helped me clean it up.

After that mildly embarrassing disaster, two friends and I headed to Servo for breakfast (and more coffee). After eating, I took care of some random email tasks and messages, before heading to an interview for a Tour Guide position. Afterward, I headed to CUB again for some lunch. After heading back to Musselman Library, I did some more homework until four p.m. I then headed back to my dorm to prepare for my friend’s birthday, and we celebrated before heading to dinner.

After dinner at Servo (or more accurately only eating cinnamon pie), I headed back to my room to do some work for my job as a research assistant. Then, I had a Zoom meeting at eight p.m. Finally, my day was done, and I could relax and hang out with my roommate. We ended up watching funny videos and eating Dominos, so the day turned around.


Today I woke up to my alarm actually blaring at eight a.m. as I didn’t wake up as fast as usual. A pattern seemed to be emerging for the week because I laid in bed for another hour before I got up and got ready for the busy day ahead. I did end up rushing to get some breakfast, which I definitely needed to keep me going for the day.

My first class of the day was also in Breidenbaugh, English 112, Shakespeare: The Major Works at ten a.m. I’m an English major, so this class and the next help me fulfill my major requirements. Today we continued our discussion on the Merchant of Venice. It’s not my favorite Shakespeare work, but it’s incredibly interesting, so the discussion was pretty rich. Afterward, I walked to my next class… surprisingly also in Breidenbaugh, English 224, Gender and Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century British Literature. We had just read Fantomina by Eliza Haywood, a reading I really enjoyed, so I was excited about our discussion.

At one p.m. I was free from class and headed to the library to finish some homework before my last class of the day, Management 235, Statistical Methods. I am also a Business, Organizations, and Management major, so this class fulfills that discipline. We have had this class on Zoom for the last two weeks, so I was a little nervous about finding the room. After walking up four flights of stairs in Glatfelter, I realized there was an elevator.

Finally at four p.m. I was again free and immediately headed to Bullet to have lunch. I had some surprisingly delicious imitation crab sushi before heading to the library to relax and do some homework. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I was off to Bullet again for dinner at six p.m., as I wouldn’t get another chance to eat later in the night. After eating I had my Her Campus meeting (yay!) at seven p.m., and then another meeting on zoom at eight p.m. At our meeting, we talked about making a TikTok account, so I made a video (follow @hercampusgettysburg!) to end the day. At this point I was pretty tired, so after some lounging, I got ready for bed and fell asleep around 10 p.m.


I think I’m jinxing myself because I woke up to my roommate saying my name this morning since my alarm had been going off for two minutes and I was still sleeping like a baby. I laid in bed for a bit, appalled that I was still tired despite going to bed early. Dangerously, I closed my eyes for a bit but got up when I needed to, and headed to my nine a.m. Biology class. After class I tried a coffee flavor I hadn’t tried yet— white mocha lattes are pretty good by the way— and made another TikTok (Shameless plug again, go follow @hercampusgettysburg). Around eleven a.m. I grabbed lunch with friends at Bullet and headed to the library to grind out some homework.

Around four p.m. the Spring Activities Fair started, so I headed to Alpha Omicron’s chapter room to grab some materials, and then went to the CUB Ballroom to set up our table. I was there with a few other sisters until a little after five-thirty p.m. I talked to so many first-years about rushing, and I hope that they consider it! The worst part of the fair was that I couldn’t find a chair, so I was standing for an hour and a half. Afterward, I went to dinner with some friends, did some more homework/research, and eventually went to bed.


On Thursday I had my Shakespeare class at ten a.m. like on Tuesday, so I woke up early enough to head over to Breidenbaugh. After class, I grabbed breakfast at Servo and then attempted to do some homework. I’ve been procrastinating on an essay, so the majority of my day was spent avoiding it or working on it in small chunks. To be honest, I fantasized about moving to the woods and forgetting about getting a college degree, but I finished the essay before dinner.

In between these fantasies I had my Statistics class, which went by extremely quickly. Shortly after that, I had dinner, which was an extreme letdown. I did not realize Bullet thinks General Tso’s Chicken is crispy, so that was pretty underwhelming. After dinner, I had my first in-person Statistics lab, which went very well! I felt so smart that I understood what to do, even though it was just making bar graphs on Excel.

After the lab, I headed back home. I painted my nails and watched some Gossip Girl, and then hung out with some friends. I found out that CJ’s is open until two a.m. on Thursdays, which is extremely dangerous information for me to know, so a friend and I got cheese fries and fried Oreos. After that deliciousness, I went to bed dreaming of fried food.


Today I had Biology, and on my way to class, I saw a cute coffee truck and got a delicious cup of their drink, Love Potion. It works because I am genuinely in love with this truck now and it made my day so much better. After class, I got breakfast with my friends. As we were eating, I got an email that I won a free drink from Commons! A few days ago I was seen wearing my mask in Musselman Library, so I got to enter a raffle!

It’s crazy to think how much my week has turned around (especially regarding coffee). After breakfast, I went to the library and got my gift card, did some homework, and attended my Gender and Sexuality class on Zoom.

And with that, my week of classes is over, and I’ll spend the weekend hoping it lasts forever.

Sophia Kenny

Gettysburg '24

Sophia is a sophomore at Gettysburg College. She is a Business and English double major. On-campus she is also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. In her spare time, she loves doing arts and crafts and cuddling with her cat.
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