8 Ways to Tell You're a Bookworm

A lot of people like to read, but for bookworms, reading is a lifestyle. If the statements below sound like you, then you are most definetly a true bookworm!

  1. 1. The bookstore is your happy place

    So many books to see, hold, and smell (yes, smell) in one building! Bookworms adore them!

  2. 2. You own so many books, your shelves hate you

    Decorating bookshelves is amazing, but if you spend a lot of time in bookstores, then chances are you don't have a lot of room on your shelves!

  3. 3. You check Goodreads as much as your social media 

    Goodreads is such a great app. You can track your books, review them, discuss them, and find new ones!

  4. 4. You always have a book on you

    You never know when you'll have free time to get a chapter in, so it's best to always be prepared!

  5. 5. Your wishlists are mostly your to-read lists

    A book is honestly the greatest gift you could get, especially if it's a good one!

  6. 6. You have multiple copies of the same book

    Because it's sad to just own one copy of your favorite book. And you can't just pick your favorite cover design!

  7. 7. You have used many different things as bookmarks

    Receipts, note cards, jewlery, post-it notes, old homework assignments... it doesn't matter as long as it marks your spot!

  8. 8. You would always prefer to be reading

    If your work, school, friends, and family could leave you alone with your book for a few hours everyday, you would be very happy! 

Anyone can identify as a bookworm. It's not an exclusive club, but chances are, if you think you are a bookworm, you have several things in common with this list!