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8 Things To Bring to College that No One Tells You About

You have probably heard to bring the same few things over and over again.  Shower shoes, a mattress pad, notebooks, etc.  Here are some things that you should bring that no one ever tells you about:

1. A printer

Yes, I know that the library has free printing, but when the printer is broken and your paper is due in about ten minutes, you will really appreciate being able to print it in your dorm room.


2. Paper towels

I’m just going to let you know now, the bathrooms don’t have them.  There are going to be times when you spill something in your room, or track in some snow, and you don’t have to pay to wash paper towels, you can just throw them out.


3. Winter boots/clothing

There are actually a lot of students who come to Gettysburg from places like California.  To them, I say, buy a nice pair of snow boots.  It will snow, and it will get cold.  Those shoes will be used quite a lot during the winter.  Trust me.

4. Water pitcher/filter

There will be times when you are working in your room, are thirsty, and ran out of water in your water bottle.  Having a pitcher in your room is amazing, especially since you have to go down the hall to find a sink.

5.  A Tide-to-go stick (or another portable stain remover)

This thing is a life saver.  Since you have to pay for laundry, and have to share the washers and dryers with an entire building, you can’t do a load of laundry every time you drop something on your shirt.  With one of these, you can get the stain out and then not worry about it when you finally get around to doing laundry.

6. Laundry detergent pods

I swear, this is the last one concerning laundry.  Not everyone will be right next to the laundry room.  Being able to carry a small pod down three flights of stairs is a lot easier than carrying an entire bottle of detergent.  Pods also mean that you don’t have to measure anything out, or, well basically, they are just really much easier to use, and I would highly suggest them.

7. Some sort of shower wrap.

Most dorm floors are co-ed.  A shower wrap means that you don’t have to worry about losing your towel when you walk to and from your room to the showers.  

8.  A deck of cards and/or some type of game

The first few weeks of school are going to be a lot like summer camp.  Games like cards against humanity or even just BS are a really great way to get to know people while having fun.

My name is Erica Boucher and I am part of Gettysburg College Class of 2019. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter (and am a total Ravenclaw). I'm the Profile Editor here at HerCampus Gettysburg along with a writer. I love the color blue, singing/dancing to music in my dorm room, and wearing funky socks.
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