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6 Ways to Prepare for Finals

1. Breathe.

You’re stressed, you’re brain is moving a million miles a minute, wondering how you’ll have time to write your papers and study for exams… Take a deep breath and just remember that you. will. survive.

2. Organize.

Organize your notes and books, highlight, rewrite, reread. Make your bed, color-code your closet, alphabetize your snacks—I don’t know about you, but to avoid procrastinating later, I organize everything before I start studying.

3. De-stress.

Whether you de-stress via baking or cooking, reading, exercising, blasting holiday tunes and singing and dancing, or watching a movie, take some time for yourself each day to de-stress. Your studying will be more effective and you’ll sleep better at night.

4. Sleep.

Probably the most important part of finals week is remembering to sleep—your physical and mental health with thank you. Just because your roommate can pull an all-nighter with no ill effects the next day does not mean that you can or should stay awake all night too.

5. Wear real clothes.

It’s been scientifically proven that if you dress more professionally on the day of an exam or presentation you are more likely to perform well and be confident. Bonus: you’ll look awesome.

6. You’ll be home soon.

And you’ll get to cuddle with your dogs, cats, and/or pillows.

Junior at Gettysburg College. Environmental Studies major and French minor.
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