5 Uses of Birth Control That Aren't Pregnancy Prevention

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the news about birth control and health insurance.  The thing is, that there are so many uses for birth control that aren’t just to protect against pregnancy.  Here are some of those uses:

1.  To keep a period regular

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Not everyone gets their period on the same day every month.  For many women out there when they will be getting their period is a guessing game, birth control stops that and makes it possible for women to be prepared.

2.  To get rid of awful cramps

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For many women, cramps can be crippling.  Birth control can stop these cramps and give women back those days that they would usually be lying in bed in pain.

3.  To make periods lighter

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For people who have very heavy periods, periods can be a very stressful time of worrying about changing protection soon enough or having a leak.  Birth control makes periods lighter and sometimes shorter, getting rid of these worries, at least partially.

4.  To lessen PMS

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We all PMS, some of us worse than others, and birth control can lessen the symptoms.

5.  To reduce certain cancers

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The birth control pill can lessen chances of getting endometrial and ovarian cancers, something I think everyone can agree is a huge positive!

There are even more uses of birth control that aren’t just preventing pregnancy.  Visit the website below for more information or to see where the facts from this article came from.  Every women has the right to birth control, no matter what she wants to use it for