5 Unconventional Christmas Songs

 Everyone loves classic Christmas songs-- and they are loved for a reason! However, listening to the same songs over and over again can get pretty boring. So, spruce up your Christmas playlist this year with some of these songs.

1. "White Winter Hymnal" by Pentatonix

First off, this is much more of a winter song than a strictly Christmas song...but it still fits into the spirit. This is a beautiful acapella ballad that you almost can't help but hum along to. And, even if you people can’t quite agree on the meaning of the lyrics, they certainly create quite the vivid picture.

2. "The Christmas Can-Can" by Straight No Chaser

This song is perfect both for people who hate and love Christmas. For people who love Christmas, it details many traditions that you can relate to, such as Christmas sweaters and the overall feeling cheer! For those who aren't as big of fans for the holidays, the song picks at the annoying occasions like extra traffic and the feeling of just “Ugh, enough already!” And, of course, the live version is the best way to view this song because you get a whole line of men in suits doing the can-can along with the classic interjections of the one who doesn’t want to participate.  

3. "Last Christmas" by Wham!

Ok, yeah, this song is a bit sadder than the rest. Sometimes it even feels pretty melodramatic. But, you know what? Sometimes you need a melodramatic song about heartbreak! And at least it has good beat and some hopeful lyrics.

4. "Who Spiked the Eggnog?" by Straight No Chaser

Christmas party gone wrong? This song is a ride that’s easy to follow with its swinging beat. Join the cast of Straight No Chaser as they try to figure out who it was that spiked the eggnog!

5. "Wolfgang the Christmas Wombat" by Brant Hansen

This song speaks for itself. Not only are the lyrics great, but the animation just adds another layer of awesome.

So, whether you love Christmas or hate it, hopefully you’ve found a song that can help break up the constant stream of popular Christmas music.