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5 Reasons to Read Ninth House

If you haven't heard of the author Leigh Bardugo, you're missing out. She has been a powerhouse in the young adult section of every bookstore and many of her books are currently being turned into TV shows! Her latest novel, Ninth House, is an amazing fantasy/adventure/mystery that will impress readers of all types! Here are 5 reasons why YOU should pick it up on your next bookstore run.


  1. 1. The plot has a little bit of everything!

    Ninth House has elements of horror, fantasy, mystery, and coming-of-age all twisted together. No one genre completely dominates the story and because of that, it's delightfully unpredictable.

  2. 2. Diversity!

    Leigh Bardugo passionately defends her diverse cast to anyone who tries to white-wash them. While their racial identities do not dominate the story, they exist and they matter. 

  3. 3. Awesome mixture of reality and magic

    Bardugo really did her research in this book and it shows. There's detailed descriptions of Yale, its secret societies, and New Haven's history. The lines between fantasy and reality begin to blend and there were several times I had to stop and google something because I couldn't tell if she made it up or not!

  4. 4. Constant twists

    This is one of those unique mystery books where you never see it coming, but it all makes sense in retrospect. Everytime you think you have it all figured out, a new player enters the game or the game changes entirely.

  5. 5. A badass female character main character

    Galaxy Stern, the main character, is amazing. She is strong, passionate, morally ambiguous at times, and delightfully flawed. She feels real. And you root for her the whole time because Bardugo captures her thoughts and motives so well that Galaxy's logic makes sense to the reader. She grows a lot throughout the book and I can't wait to see what she does in the sequel!

In conclusion: you need to read this book!!