5 Gifts to Give Someone You Don’t Know Very Well

Sometimes social conventions require that you get a gift for someone you don’t actually know very well. It happens. And, no matter how much you want to make sure you still get them a good gift, it can be difficult without any clues. So, here’s a few things that always make good gifts!

1. Mugs

Image via Super Mug

People generally like mugs. It’s easy to find nice but generic mugs too. And, you can find one’s they’ll probably love even with very little information. A favorite color or character or even an occupation is enough to find a good mug. Even if they don’t like it, mugs are still useful.

2. Soap

Image via Lush

Again, it’s something people can use! If they don’t like it then they can put it in a guest bathroom and never even have to use it. And, if you get some nice, handmade, or special soap (like this moisturizing soap from Lush) then people probably won’t think that it’s a horrible gift.

3. Gift Cards

Image via cryptotimes

The perfect and traditional low-effort gift. Also perfect for the person you never know what to get. Know they like a store but can’t pinpoint their style? Gift card. Have absolutely no idea what someone would use? Gift card. Grocery store, gas station, restaurant, they have all the gift cards!

4. Handmade Items

Image via Inhabitat

The best thing handmade items is that no one can really be upset with the gift because it’s handmade! A knitted hat or scarf or gloves can come in handy during the winter. A crocheted snowman or tree is festive and generic. A sewed apron, a decorated  picture frame, and homemade jewelry can all be great gifts.

5. Food

Image via Quikr Blog

Now, this goes at the end of the list because you do know if the person has any allergies. But, it’s something people usually like and can be immediately consumed, so it’s not like you’re giving a gift that will become clutter as sor shoved in the back of a closet.