4 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Friends During Quarantine

Social distancing isn't very fun, but there are ways to make it more bearable. Here are 4 ideas on how to hang out with your besties while staying safe!

  1. 1. Netflix Party

    Netflix symbol on TV with a hand holding a remote

    Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that synchs videos so that you and your friends can watch at the same time while using a group chat to make comments about what's going on. You can easily feel like you're having another movie night!

  2. 2. Start a book club

    Just admit it, you probably have a lot of free time on your hands. You and your friends can select a book that you're all interested in and plan to read it at the same time. This give you more things to talk about as a group while still adapting to individuals' schedules. 

  3. 3. Join a fitness app together

    person kneels to tie their running shoes. they are wearing a coat and a hat and appear to be on a bridge

    Many fitness apps, including Nike Running Club and Fitbit, allow you to add friends so that you can see each others workouts. Most of these apps provide workouts that require little to no equipement, so you can do them in your home. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to make you feel connected!

  4. 4. Do something together on Facetime

    You can take a walk together, eat lunch together, or even study together while being apart thanks to Facetime! Even a typical phone call would work. Just schedule a time when everyone is free and catch up with each other!

Staying safe doesn't mean you have to stop hanging out with friends, it just means you have to get a little more creative!