3 Things Model UN Kids Get to Do

  1. 1. They get to travel

    Person Holding Smartphone Riding Airplane

    Depending on what your club does, Model UN students can visit local colleges, colleges in other states, or attend international conference abroad! Start up a conversation with any experienced member and you'll be surprised about all they places they've been!

  2. 2. They get to threaten war on each other

    two women talking

    I can guarantee that at least once a meeting, someone will make a thinly vailed threat against another person. It is all done in jest, but if the topic turns to trade, expect the people representing the US and China to go at it.

  3. 3. They come up with ridiculous scenarios

    A black and white photo of Vincent Price next to a table of vintage objects covered in exaggerated cobwebs

    Pretending to be at the Continental Congress, reenacting a Roman Senator meeting, or bringing the Fire Nation to the table for negotiations are all serious events that have occurred at Model UN conferences. And they are taken very seriously.