3 Internet Creators to Check Out

The internet is chock full of brilliant women who create wonderful and entertaining content. With the vastness of the internet, though, it can sometimes be difficult to find the jewels within our regular, comfortable content. So, here are some amazing creators who's content you will not regret exploring!

  1. 1. Marisha Ray

    Talented voice actor, amazingly creative, and clever leader, Marisha Ray has dabbled and suceeded in so many different things. Listening to a list of her hobbies makes you think of the cool big sister you wish you had. Looking at the growth she has fostered within Criticle Role as the Creative Director makes you think of the celebreity you wish you will be when you grow up. She has mastered the art of being entertainting, hilarious, and yet personable all at once. 

    You may fall in love with her voice while playing video games such as Persona, her acting while watching her role play in Critical Role, or her mind as you explore her other content that she has created and fostered as a Creative Director.

  2. 2. Hillywood: Hilly and Hannah Hindi

    The quality of the Hindi sisters is startling and wonderful. When thinking of a parody group you may approch these creators with a bit of apprehension or expectations of something funny but fleeting. But, the sheer amount of details and levels of accuracy within their videos will blow your socks off. Not to mention, they really have a huge level of interaction with their fans and have content for all kinds of media lovers.

  3. 3. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

    Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is aposlutely inspiring! Whether you're interested in vintage fashions, disabled rights, or advice about being an queer adult, there are hundreds of hours of content available for free on her YouTube chanel. She has a bright personality and an eagerness about her topics that makes her infectious to listen to. Not to mention that she shares wonderful information whether you're disables, queer, or not. She really captures how mutifacited the world is and how people can navigate the resources out there. 

Next time you find yourself looking for some new content, think of checking out some of these impressive creators and the wonderful content they have available!