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2 movie soundtracks I never get sick of listening to

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

I am very much a fan of movies, however, I also love soundtracks from movies. I could name lots of soundtracks that I love, but there are two in particular that I never get sick of listening to. I wanted to share them because I love them so much and think they are incredible.

La La Land

I LOVE the movie “La La Land”. I saw it twice in the theater, I bought a copy of it on DVD when it came out, and after seeing it, I immediately downloaded all of the music. I can confidently say that if I listened to this soundtrack all the way through without stopping, I would enjoy it. I truly think every song, even the ones that are instrumental, are brilliantly done. I love picturing the scenes from the movies while listening to them, but I think they would be enjoyable even if someone listening had not seen the film. Overall, the music for the film is amazing and I am very excited to say I am listening to it as I am typing this article.

Tick Tick Boom

The film “Tick Tick Boom” is a bit newer than “La La Land” but I absolutely love it as well. I could play the songs over and over again (I have) and I never get sick of listening to them. The film stars Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson and it is definitely a film worth watching, if not for the story definitely for the music. I had no idea Andrew Garfield could sing like that and I am beyond impressed.

These two movies are absolutely inspiring and the music that accompanies them is just amazing. The two soundtracks are played frequently on my phone and I recommend them to as many people as I can. I think both work for many occasions and are exciting to listen to and I’m grateful for both.

Mary James

Gettysburg '23

Gettysburg College '23 WGS Major Education and English Minor Coffee Connoisseur