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10 Things Harry Potter Fans Will Never Get Over

1.  “Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?”

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Need I say more?

2.  Movie Ginny not having a backbone

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I mean really?  She TIED HIS SHOE!  What happened to badass Ginny from the books?

3.  The absence of Peeves, Winky, Teddy, and SPEW in the movies

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How could they cut so much from the movies?

4.  How Voldemort died in the movies

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He was supposed to die as a normal man, but instead he explodes into dust.  How did they think this was okay

5.  Harry and Hermione using magic outside of school

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Everyone knows they can’t use magic outside of Hogwarts!

6.  Ron not being supportive in the movies.

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In the books, he is a major, supportive character, but in the movies, all he does is eat.  

7.  Harry and Voldemort pretending to be Jack and Rose

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Like, Harry you are the Boy Who Lived.  Jumping off buildings in an embrace with your worst enemy isn’t going to keep you alive.  

8.  Neville’s parents missing

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We never got his backstory, so we never got a chance to really understand him.  

9.  Harry not fixing his wand

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How was he going to do magic without fixing his wand first??

10.  The Burrow burning down

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The Burrow was never meant to burn down!  And then the Weasleys lose everything, so how can they afford a new house and to replace everything to look exactly the same?  How?

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