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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

Spring this year starts on March 20th, and it’ll be here before we know it! I am so excited for the spring. It’s my favorite season, and it’s been so hard to enjoy myself lately as the Coronavirus plus cold weather makes it difficult to see people. To welcome the warmer weather, sunshine, and flowers, I’ve put together a spring bucket list to partake in.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are a spring staple, and you can have one whether you’re at home or on campus. It can be as simple as getting take-out and sitting with your friends in a nearby park.

Have a Tea Party

Your picnic can also include a tea party! Brew some spring teas such as ones that are fruity, herbal, or floral instead of black. You can buy or make some finger sandwiches, such as cucumber and cream cheese, chicken salad, or smoked salmon and cream cheese. Don’t forget some scones, shortbread, cake, or whatever your heart desires.

Outdoor Yoga

Indulge in some outdoor yoga to meditate and center yourself. Again, this can be super fun with or without friends, whatever makes you comfortable. You can kill two birds with one stone, get a little exercise in your day and some fresh air.

Bird or Cloud Watch

After yoga, you can spend the rest of your self-care afternoon looking at the sky. You don’t need to, but you can bring binoculars, a field guide of what birds native to the area look and sound like, and a camera. Nature watching is a great way to get out, see some local nature, and decompress.

Get Soaked in the Rain

April showers bring May flowers, so take advantage of the rain! Check the weather for a rainy day to round up your friends and hit the streets. This is another way to let out some pent-up energy from being inside all day. Make sure to dress warm and change clothes once you’re done. You might be cold afterward, so you and your friends and relax with blankets and hot chocolate indoors to finish the adventure. 

Bike Ride

Grab your friends and rent some bikes if you don’t have one. Find a cool bike path to travel along. If you’re on campus, there are some great bike routes on the battlefield you can check out. Make sure to observe traffic rules and watch out for cars and pedestrians. 

Watch the Sunrise

You’ll have to wake up early for this one, but it’s worth it and beautiful. A bonus is that you’ll be up early and can head to a cafe for breakfast or get a head start on the day.

Spring Cleaning

Not exactly a social activity, but it can be great if you’re looking to decompress and declutter your space. If you’re at home, you can get the whole family in on it and work together. You can post your unneeded belongings to reselling websites such as eBay to make some extra cash too.


Grab some fresh or fake flowers to bring spring inside! You can also swap out some of your darker decorations for bright or pastel colors that represent the season. Head to your nearest florist or craft store for some ideas. If you choose to make something, bring along your friends to craft.

Make a Change to Your Look

The weather changes, so why not switch up your look? I’m thinking of getting highlights in my hair this spring. If your latest Pinterest board pins have been centered around a different type of fashion, hairstyle, or even way of life, go for it! Life is short, make bold choices.

Sophia Kenny

Gettysburg '24

Sophia Kenny graduated in May of 2024. During her time in Her Campus, she served as the President of Her Campus Gettysburg and former Vice President of Social Media. She covered many aspects of culture and college life, such as things to do around campus and ways to get acclimated. Sophia studied English and Business, Organization, and Management at Gettysburg College from 2020-2024. She was an Undergraduate Fellow of the Eisenhower Institute, served as Sooth's Gen Z Audience Council Chair, and completed an English Honors Thesis. Sophia's work has been published in the Gettysburg Connection and the Mercury. She has served as an intern for the Gettysburg Connection, Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger, First & First Consulting, and Sooth. In her free time, Sophia enjoys hanging out with friends and her cat, Star. You can find her procrastinating in the library, or listening to a podcast and painting her nails at home. You can keep up with her on LinkedIn.