10 Reasons Why L.A. Beats New York Every Time


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1. Food

While New Yorkers may rave about pizza, we Angelenos have tacos. That’s right. Tacos. Go eat your cheesy heartburn bread while we continue to innovate using cross-cultural cuisine. Case in point: Korean Beef Tacos.

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2. Weather

I know it’s what everyone talks about, but it really is true. Los Angeles has beautiful weather. It’s rarely too hot (average temperature is 71.7 degrees), and it’s definitely never too cold (“sweater weather” is 65 degrees). While the Eastern Seaboard was experiencing #snowmaggedon, Los Angeles was enjoying temperatures in the mid-to-high 70s. To top it all off, Los Angeles has, on average, 284 days of sun. 

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3. Cultural Activities

Now I know New York is rightfully renowned for culture. I mean they do have the Met. But don’t discount L.A. as a viable competitor. The city boasts a variety of museums, tea rooms, concert venues (*ahem* Disney Hall), and historical sites. And don’t forget the movie studios: Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures—the list goes on. You can walk to most major studio backlots and get a tour (for a price of course, but it’s so worth it). 

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4. It’s Not Just A Sprawling Suburb

While quite spread out across a larger area than most metropolitan cities, no one can accuse L.A. of being anything less than bustling and lively. The city certainly has its fair share of skyscrapers, busy streets, and the invigorating feeling that accompanies time in a metropolis. 

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5. It’s Not Overwhelming

For those with claustrophobia, New York City can be quite daunting and stressful. While Los Angeles does have a large population and some dense areas, there are plenty of places to live that feel like a sanctuary within the city, such as the serene Venice Canals or the quaint downtown Pasadena. 


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6. Variety

Within one city you have beaches, mountains, valleys, etc. There is an amazing environmental diversity. So whether you want to spend the day soaking up the sun or hiking in Runyon, there’s always something to do in L.A.

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7. It’s Super Chill

The environment in New York is so hectic and “dog-eat-dog.” In L.A., most people, while still successful, are more laid-back about it. “Healthy competition” is the name of the game. And (not that there aren’t charities in New York), L.A. has some great programs that serve to help fellow human beings in creative and effective ways.

Case in Point: Homeboy Industries, a company dedicated to employing ex-gang members in an effort to help them turn their lives around.

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8. Healthy, Active Population

Los Angeles is all about eating right, staying in shape, and improving bodies as well as minds. The stereotype is that everyone and their mother is on a juice cleanse. While this isn’t necessarily true, there is an abundant access to healthy food options (especially vegan ones) all around Los Angeles. On top of that, Angelenos are notorious for working out. Because the weather usually permits it, people love to bike along the boardwalk in Venice, hike to the Hollywood sign, or take a spin class.

Case in Point: The Annual Vegan Beer & Food Festival 

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9. We Have In-N-Out

If the next words out of your mouth have anything to do with Shake Shack, you can leave. I don’t want to hear it. I’ve experienced both establishments numerous times and In-N-Out always wins. ALWAYS! Where else can you get fries covered in special sauce (a.k.a. Thousand Island dressing), caramelized onions, and cheese? Answer? Nowhere. And, a meal of a burger, fries, and a shake (the most amazing shakes to ever exist) costs around $5.75. You’re welcome, America.

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While technically not located in the city of Los Angeles, less than an hour away is the “Happiest Place on Earth.” And it is a truly amazing experience. Any of the reasons listed above don’t even come close to the sheer joy that accompanies a day at Disneyland (and if you stay more than one day, even better). I suggest you all pack your bags and order your tickets now because you will never want to leave.

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