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YOU ARE Who You Hang With?

I was never a believer of “you are who you hang with,” because of several reasons:

  1. We are all different

  2. Judgement free-zone

  3. To each his own

Each of these goes to show that no one person’s action should be subjected to those that they hang with. With that being said just because Ashley likes to hook up on Saturday nights, doesn’t mean that her friend Brittany is down to do the same.

These views remained the same throughout my life, until I arrived at college. In college we are mainly trying to find people who are more like ourselves. People who seek the same hobbies, interest in the same movies, and the list goes on. Many across the college campus can agree with this. Generally in college, we find ourselves placing titles on cliques and friendships as a whole. I actually don’t feel too bad doing so, because there are so many people on a college campus, and a person can damn sure find new friends. For instance if Ashley hooks up on Saturday nights, she most likely has a friend who’s boosting her up (college friends are the best boosters) or maybe even liable to do the same thing and exchange stories the next day. It all goes to show that “birds of a feather flock together.”

We live in a pretty sad world, and no matter what it isn’t a judgement free zone. It is easy to say “I don’t care what blah blah says.” But the truth of the matter is, we all care a little too much about opinions. So when making friends around campus keep in mind the general campus population categorize people quite quickly, choose wisely.


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Mykalah Woodson

Georgia Southern

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