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Work Ethic =Your Dreams

In this life that we live, we have the dreams that we keep within our hearts and our minds that keep us yearning for the best life. Whether it be small dreams or big dreams, there is this world that we seek that keeps us wanting more.

In order to get to this life that we want, the biggest thing to have is a clean cut work ethic. You can have all the talent, drive and hunger that lies within yourself, but how you work and how you get the job done is what is most important. The dreams that we seek expect for us to be on it 1000 percent focused. They don’t care about what it takes to get there or how you get there as long at one point in your life, your dream turns into a reality.

For most, if not all people, they claim that how they work and how they do things is what is best for them. It’s a mechanism that helps them get their work done and helps them get through the day, but your work ethic may not be good enough for your dreams. You may be just settling to get by and to meet the bare minimum requirements that make you happy, but for your dreams, that will never be good enough. Your dreams require that you go beyond the stars towards the moon and then come back again. It requires that you stay up for hours and hours just to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. It requires you become your own boss and work for yourself beyond just getting through the door.

There will times when you become hard on yourself and fear comes into your heart. It’s normal but do not let become an everyday thing. Fear is something that stops you from reaching full potential and when it’s an everyday thing, the work that you have invested decreases and the outcome that you desire become mediocre. We were born to live a life beyond expectations and when you place fear in front of you, you cannot see beyond it.

At times, we become so invested in our own dreams, that our reality takes a back seat and that can be a challenge in itself. People who you thought were here for you for the long run become tired of the work that you put in for you, that they don’t see where they fit in and they drift away. You have people who will hate you because you are trying to maximize your dreams. There will also be people that we try to benefit of your dreams until you become a disservice to them. As complicated as it sounds, it comes with the territory of trying you make your dreams come true.


You decide if your dreams are worth putting the best quality work ethic into it.

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Taisha White

Georgia Southern

Taisha White 23 Georgia Southern University Senior Multimedia Journalism Major Just trying to make my dreams come true
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