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Why I Started Blogging (and you should too)

I started CollegeGirlKendra.com the summer of my sophomore year in college. Through out high school, I was always told to start my own. I had always gotten compliments on my outfits. I know that I wanted to study some fashion aspect in college, but I was still unsure. Afraid of how well It would be received, I made no efforts to start my own.


It was when I started to do my research that I saw how easy and beneficial having my own blog would be. CollegeGirlKendra .com came about on a whim, after going through several fashion and lifestyle blogs. I had to tell myself that all these people took a jump. They were not afraid to showcase their style and thoughts with the world. So, why should I be afraid? 


I got on WordPress and picked my very first layout. I choose WordPress because of how easy it is to edit. I am in no way a website editor. I know nothing about coding. I just have an eye for aesthetics. My main goal with my blog was to get my style out to the world. I wanted to have my own portfolio to see the progression of my style. Little did I know, CollegeGirlKendra would be my resume for internships, jobs, and influencer positions!


I’m here to tell you that if you’re thinking of creating a blog – do it! The blogging sphere is a great place to network. You never know who you may meet. You never know which one of your posts could take off. Having your own blog is great way for connect with others similar to you and grown and learn. I’ve connect with many other bloggers and have learned so much from them! No matter where you start, remember you will always grow. So, take the chance! Start your own blog today! 

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Georgia Southern

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