When is it Appropriate to Fart in Front of a Guy?

It’s no secret that when a woman first starts dating a man he is more than likely meeting a representative of who we really are.  There is no way we could unleash all of who we really are at once; most men would lose their minds.  Ideally, many of us wear makeup, dress nicely, comb our hair, shave, and get fancy for a man we like that doesn’t know much about who we really are. Initially, we want to make sure we say all the right things and hope on those first few dates that we don’t get a hunk of food caught in our teeth.  One thing we all dread is that evil stomach bubble, indicating that pretty soon we’re going to have to “let one rip!”  So, when is it appropriate to fart in front of the guy we like?

What men think:

With the issue of women and flatulence, it seems to be 50/50.  Some men think that women are these divine creatures that don’t pass gas; however; the average person on a normal diet passes gas 13-21 times daily. 

These men find that it takes away from the classiness and femininity of a woman. However, some of the men in this category think it is acceptable after the relationship has been established.


The other 50% find it normal when a woman farts and actually quite liberating that now they don’t have to be the ones farting the entire time.   These guys take the “Shrek Approach,” and they believe in the philosophy of “better out than in.”


So when should you fart?

If you have a guy that is grossed out by flatulence you should wait until you’re in a relationship with him.  Meaning, you should wait when he’s seen you at your worst.  Do it when your legs are furry, you have no makeup, your hair is a wreck, and when you have morning dragon breath.  At that point, you are already comfortable with him and he is comfortable with seeing you as your “true self.”  

If you are lucky enough to have Shrek, well then drop those bombs when you need to Princess Fiona! (But let’s not get carried away.)


Tips on how to avoid that awkward yet inevitable fart:

  •    Anytime you swallow air it can lead to gas.
  •    Avoid eating or drinking too fast, carbonated beverages, smoking, and gum chewing.
  •    Buy carbon lined underwear; they help to filter odors.
  •    Avoid foods high in carbohydrates.
  •    Exercise more! (Tighten your stomach muscles)
  •    Stand up; don’t sit and clench. Standing will calm it if it does happen to fly out.